Part 1 – Explore

Part 1 showcases a collection of limited-edition rubber stamps created as a print-making tool for the project. The outcome explores the iconography and representation of Indian graphic elements from public spaces. These stamps are a playful reimagination of the authoritative nature of the Indian bureaucratic system intertwined with the aesthetics of stamps created during the British colonial period (Inspiration: Article by Projit Bihari Mukharji). All these stamps are part of a design system created to have movable/interchangeable parts to depict the transient nature of the signs.

Designing icons based on street elements in India
Stamp design with the slider
Working of the slider designs.
Horizontal slider designs
Square/vertical slider designs
Packaging for the sliders
Rubber stamp prints on paper - 1
Rubber stamp prints on paper - 2
Rubber stamp prints on paper - 3