Sustainability and the Climate Emergency

Our world’s changing climate is the defining challenge of a generation, and sustainability is the responsibility of all artists, designers and architects. From zero-waste design to architecture that considers rising sea levels, these works range from provocative, to grief-stricken, to cautiously hopeful.

I feel as youth, we have this renewed energy. We haven’t had much time to experience the system as it is. We come into this and we’re like, why are we existing in such an exploitative system? In the youth spaces, I find there’s more focus on making it an intersectional movement, looking at how the climate crisis is linked to other issues such as gender equality, Black Lives Matter and discrimination against people of colour globally.

Dominique Palmer, Fridays for Future International

It’s not a story that is easy to tell. What is it to tell a story like that if no one in the future is listening? You’re telling a story to no one. Is that still a story? But it’s an awesome responsibility and we’re the first people who can imagine that happening.

Laurie Anderson on making art about the climate emergency